A vibration absorber is a mechanical device designed to reduce or dampen vibrations in machinery and structures. It consists of flexible components, such as springs or elastomers, that absorb and dissipate vibrational energy. Vibration absorbers are employed in various applications, including industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and automotive components, to mitigate the effects of vibrations.These absorbers contribute to improved performance, increased equipment lifespan, and enhanced comfort in systems where vibrations can be detrimental. 

  • Dry All Vibration Absorber is designed to be installed in the suction and discharge lines of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Dry All Vibration Absorber is made of deep corrugated tube with brazed copper connection for increasing flexibility.
    Dry All Vibration Absorber are suitable for HCFC, HFC refrigerant with their associated oil.

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