HFC: R-23

Freon™ 23 serves as an HFC retrofit refrigerant, designed to replace R-13 and R-503 in extremely low-temperature applications ranging from below -40°F to -100°F (-40°C to -73°C). Primarily utilized in environments such as medical freezers and environmental chambers, Freon™ 23 offers a reliable solution for very low-temperature cooling needs. Its versatility extends to both new systems and retrofitting existing ones, providing a practical and efficient choice for a range of applications. 

Additional Info
  • Ashrae:R-23; A1 Safety Classification
  • Replaces:R-13 and R-503
  • Applications:

    Very Low Temperature (VLT) [below -40°F to -100°F (-40°C to -73°C)]:

    – Medical freezers

    – Environmental chambers

    Can be used in:

    Cold Storage, Life Sciences & Biomedical Labs
  • Benefits:

    – Can be used where high compressor discharge temperature is not a concern.

  • Lubricant Recommendation:POE

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