HFC: R-508B

Freon™ 95, a PFC-based refrigerant, is the industry standard replacement for R-13 and R-503 in very low temperature applications [below -40°F to -150°F (-40°C to -101°C)] such as medical freezers and environmental chambers. It offers advantages over R-23, including significantly lower compressor discharge temperatures, making it the best choice to ensure optimum systems reliability for critical applications. Freon™ 95 can be used in new equipment and can also be used to retrofit existing systems.

Additional Info
Ashrae: R-508B; A1 Safety Classification
Replaces: R-13, R-23, and R-503

Very low temperature [below -40°F to -150°F (-40°C to -101°C)]:

– medical freezers

– environmental chambers

Can be used in:

Cold Storage, Life Sciences & Biomedical Labs, Refrigeration


– Endorsed by many OEMs.

– Longer equipment life: Lower discharge temperature than R-23, increases compressor service life.

– Increased cooling capacity: 30% greater cooling capacity than R-13.

– Best match for R-503.

– Lower retrofit cost than R-23.

Lubricant Recommendation: POE

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