Co-Axial Heat Exchanger

The Coaxial Heat Exchanger is a specialized heat transfer device featuring a concentric tube design. This innovative configuration allows for efficient heat exchange between two fluids, typically used in compact spaces where optimization is crucial. The co-axial design ensures a streamlined flow of fluids, enhancing heat transfer efficiency. This type of heat exchanger finds applications in various heating and cooling systems, where space considerations and effective thermal performance are paramount. 

Recommended For:-
Water Source Heat Pump, Heat Recovery, Water Coolers, Swimming Pool, Chillers, Cascade Heat Exchanger in Multistage


Unique Internal Groove Tube

  • Increases the Surface Area and Turbulence


  • With Anti-freezing feature

Convoluted Inner Tube

  • No accumulation of deposits

Thermal Performance

  • Counter flow principle Optimizes Heat Transfer

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