An oil separator is a critical component in refrigeration and air conditioning systems designed to separate oil from the refrigerant. It ensures that only refrigerant gas, rather than a mixture of oil and refrigerant, returns to the compressor. This separation prevents oil from circulating through the system and causing potential issues, such as reduced efficiency or damage to components. Oil separators are commonly used in applications where oil return to the compressor needs to be minimized, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the refrigeration system

Recommended For:-
Multiple compressor racks for supermarkets and air conditioning, Systems with long refrigerant lines, Systems with inherent oil return problems, Ultra-low temperature systems.

  • Removing Oil from Discharge Line Leads to Improvement in efficiency
  • Maintain Oil Level in Compressor to Prevent Breakdown
  • Reduce Noise and Pulsation at Discharge Side
Unique Construction
  • Only Company to Offer Choices –
    1. Accessible Bolted Flange Type: Ease of Installation
    2. Hermetic Welded Connection type: No Site Abuse
  • Nylock Nut Bolt Type Mounting.
  • Optimally Designed to Minimize Pressure Drop
Dry All Oil Separator Has Up To 95% Efficiency
  • Using Demister Pads, VRF Specific Oil Separators Have 95% Oil Separation Capability.
  • Highly Efficient & Energy Saving
Dry All Oil Separators Have 20% Higher Filter Pocket Area
  • Ensures Superior Oil & Refrigerant Separation

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