MPP capacitors for air condition are not just used in ACs, but they are also used in washing machines, UPS, coolers, and various other appliances. They are largely preferred by our clients because of its flawless functioning and great performance. These are also available in burst proof design. 

These are popular in air conditioners. 

Case: House in high purity aluminium cans 0.6 to 0.65 mm thick 

Metal Top: Metal top assembly consist of cover,washer,packing material,connecting rivets and terminals. 

Element: Non inductive type,wound by high speed fully automatic controlled winding machines 

Additional Info
Specification :
MPP Dual Capacitors for Air Condition :
1.0 MFD TO 80+5 MFD
Capacitors Tolerance :
Rated Voltage :
1.0 MFD TO 80+5 MFD
Tan Delta :
Rated Frequency :
Voltage Test : Capacitors in Brust Proof Design are also available
Between Terminals Voltage :
2.0 Times of Rated
Between Body & Terminals :
2000 VAC
Temperature Range :
-25oC to 85oC
Confirms to :
IS 2993:1998
Construction : Cylindrical designed incorporating with safety machanism device offering long life and relaible porducts.
Dielectric Mpp Film
Plastic Case& Aluminium Case
Polyurethane Resin & Oil Resin (Dry)

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