HFC: R-290

R-290, a hydrocarbon refrigerant falling under the category of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), is primarily composed of propane and is characterized by its low global warming potential. A molecular structure consisting of hydrogen and carbon atoms, R-290 is hailed as an environmentally friendly substitute for conventional refrigerants. Renowned for its thermodynamic efficiency, especially in medium to very high-temperature applications, it exhibits lower vaporization heat and improved performance in cold conditions. While R-290 is non-toxic, its flammable nature necessitates cautious handling. Economically advantageous, R-290 requires 45-60% less refrigerant compared to some alternatives, emphasizing resource efficiency. 

Additional Info
Ashrae: R-134a; A1 Safety Classification
Replaces: R12

– Medium- and high-temperature:ong

– stationary commercial refrigeration

-Including fridges and freezers.

– home appliances

Retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

Can be used in:

Airport, Automotive Air Conditioning, Commercial & Retail Air Conditioning Food & Beverage, Hospitals, Life Sciences & Biomedical Labs, Refrigeration, Stationary Air Conditioning


– Broadly used in commercial and stationary applications.

Lubricant Recommendation: POE for stationary/commercial

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