HFC: R-410A

Freon™ 410A stands out as the premier HFC refrigerant, specifically crafted for the replacement of R-22 in residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems. Recognized for its superior cooling capacity, this refrigerant boasts significantly higher pressure levels compared to R-22. It’s essential to note that Freon™ 410A should be exclusively used in systems explicitly designed to accommodate its characteristics, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in air conditioning and heat pump applications. 

Additional Info
Ashrae: R-410A; A1 Safety Classification
Replaces: R-22

-New residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps.

Can be used in:

Commercial & Retail Air Conditioning, Food & Beverage, Hospitals, Stationary Air Conditioning


– Equipment designed for Freon™ 410A has up to 60% greater capacity than current R-22 equipment.

– Air conditioning systems with Freon™ 410A can meet or exceed local energy performance guidelines, such as U.S. DOE guidelines for 13 SEER.

Lubricant Recommendation: POE

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